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6-Channel 6x40W Class-D Amp

Design Goals

In order to drive my 3-way speaker system I will need a 6 channel amp. As I gained some good experience when using tripath chips (the venerable old TA2024 for example) I decided to go with TC2001/TP2050 modules from aliexpress. These should deliver around 2x40W each into 8Ω. As power supply modules I chose the model Mean Well LRS-75 (24V DC @ 3.1A), one for each amplifier module.


Progress (blog-style, in reverse order)


  • Finally the SMPS modules arrived from eBay. I put them in and the amps work like a charm. Cannot give listening impressions yet because my monitor speakers are disassembled at the moment.


  • Enclosure-wise this is a real re-/upcycling project as I bought four old Aluminium/Steel enclosures from the 1970s for under ten bucks. These were made in the GDR (german democratic repuplic, which is now part of Gerany) by Funkwerk Erfurt. Great enclosures, built like a tank and i disassembled one for parts, screews, nuts, washers and of course the aluminium panels because there was only one rear panel and no front panel.
    The front panel has nothing on it, not even a switch or a LED. Everything is mounted like on a drawer to the back panel and the whole assembly can be removed from the enclosure very quickly and easily.
  • All parts are here now except the SMPS modules. I mounted all the input and output connectors, cables and the amp modules, now only 6 wires to the inputs of the SMPS and 6 wires from the outputs of the SMPS to the amps are missing.