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F.A.S.T.-Monitors Revived

The Story

About 10 years ago I built my first actively crossed over speaker project. The concept is of the "F.A.S.T." type - Fullrange And Subwoofer Technology. Back then they were used as near-field monitor speakers for our small basement recording studio and they were built in a fast-and-rough style. Enclosures were made of 19mm MDF with a 2L cabinet for the Tangband W3-315 aluminium-magnesium cone 3 inch fullrange and a approx. 20L ported cabinet for the Tangband W69-1214 Woofer. The were actively crossed over at 150Hz with LR-12 filters using OPA2132 Opamps and were bi-amped by a pair of LM1876 chip amps.

Despite their very simple and boxy enclosure and the very simple crossover circuit they still sounded great!

Since then I learned a lot about speaker design. And since I got them back a while ago I decided to revive them with a better enclosure and a more suitable crossover using Pulseaudio Crossover Rack. The side and top baffles were doubled up with 19mm MDF and 18mm birch plywood for the front baffle to make a large radius at the edges possible. The port was closed up and the bass response will be equalized flat down to ~35Hz.
The active crossover electronics were ripped out and an additional input was added to make the amp a true 4 channel amplifier to be fed directly by the outputs of a (>=) 4 channel soundcard. The PaXoverRack file can be found below. Measurements will hopefully follow soon...

Listening Impressions


Photos and Files

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Old schematic of crossover and amplifiers.T3001 229.2 KB application/octet-stream
Old schematic of crossover and amplifiers.PDF 70.5 KB application/octet-stream