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USB 2.0 Multichannel DAC Project


This project is in a pretty early design stages and at the moment you can disregard pretty much anything on this page :) Me and my companion are in the process of evaluating different DAC chips and once this is settled I will move forward again.

Design Goals

  • Must offer USB 2.0 high speed compliant audio device so no driver is needed under linux
  • Sample rates above 48kHz must be possible, ideally 192kHz and 24bit sample depth would be very desireable.
  • Multichannel design. We need at least 10 outputs and 2 inputs for measurements

Chips in the current design

The USB UAC2 audio bridge chip we settled on is the XMOS XUF 512

First contender for the DAC chip is the ESS ES9038Q2M

Design Files:

Check out the git repos: