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PCM2707 USB to SPDIF (and I2S) converter


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This PCB hosts a Texas Instruments PCM2707 USB Audio Codec and features SPDIF output or I2S output (configurable via a jumper). It uses USB bus power for the power supply of the chip or optionally an external 5v power supply. The current variant of the chip is the PCM2707C but it will work with older variants, too.
One of the design goals was a widely undisturbed groundplane under and around the chip and the placement of decoupling capacitors as close as possible to the pins of the chip. All power supply lines to the chip also have ferrite beads in series.
This board was designed in 2008 and recently updated to use components/3d models from the Target 3001 standard component library. The PCB design file can be downloaded in the files section.



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USB-SPDIF-I2S_rev2018.T3001 165.6 KB application/octet-stream