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Some of my hobbies include music, electronics and programming. So it was quite natural for me to start designing and building my own audio circuitry and speakers.

Since some time I am also interested in doing speaker crossovers and equalization in software. This is for several reasons:

  1. It is way easier to adjust filters in software than in hardware and you will be adjusting a lot while designing your own speakers...
  2. In my opinion software based filters (DSP) are good enough to perform similarly if not better than their analog counterparts. With a multi-channel DAC multi-amping is a no-brainer, too.
  3. Processing power is cheap nowadays, analog circuitry is not.
Thus you will find some DSP software projects on this page.

Please feel free to use any software or hardware designs on this page for free and to your likings. There's no warranty for anything however.

In case you want to support my work:

Here are some random pictures and links to projects, mainly to make this start page more colorful